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Always Send a Thank You Message

Customer Service & Sales

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


I was recently in a potential client acquisition meeting, in which the potential client asked me some very intricate and methodical questions. The client asked me questions on where I believed Chop Dawg would be in about twenty years, our philosophical beliefs in comparison to our competitors, our motivations as individuals, and perhaps most interesting; our hiring process for bringing on new team members.

Of course, I had answers to all his questions, since after all, they are integrated into our day-to-day operations and core values. We’ve even previously addressed some of the questions on this very blog. One interesting tidbit did popup, though, that I felt was blog worthy – what separated potential candidates we hire from those we don’t, and perhaps most importantly, how we use the same exact tactic for bringing on clients too. We call it the thank you follow up message.

You see, appreciation and gratitude is hands-down, the biggest asset anyone has in any given situation. It is leverage that you always have, even if you don’t have anything besides it. Most people, do not show their emotions, and more importantly, do not show their true respect for using somebody’s time, whether that is from having a meeting, a potential new customer, teaching a new skill, etc. Sending a thank you message is the ultimate piece of leverage that most people neglect. It shows the other party that you truly cared about their time, appreciated their attention, and are thankful for having the opportunity to speak with them.

Perhaps here is the thing people most neglect, though, thank you follow ups are the most ultimate life hacks to make someone remember you. For perspective, imagine having a 10:00AM meeting with someone that lasted over an hour. That entire morning, they will remember spending it with you. You took up a critical piece of their morning and hopefully, provided some serious value during that time. Now imagine this, you send a follow up message at 3:30PM that same day, thanking them for their time earlier. You just reminded them again of your meeting that morning, and instead of being their focus for just the morning, you are now relevant again in their day. You have hacked yourself into focus, even for a few more moments, which can turn into more opportunities. This doesn’t even include the professional and generous reasons to send a thank you on top of everything all the other reason, such as good etiquette and professionalism.

Now a quick tip on how to truly make the most of a thank you message. First and foremost, always be authentic. Never half-ass it. If you need to half-ass it, don’t bother writing it. Thank you messages should always be written from your core, be simple, but be true. People can recognize bullshit from a mile away, I promise you that. Second, write your thank you message immediately after your meeting ends, while it is fresh in your head. Your enthusiasm, passion, and momentum from that meeting will no longer be as strong as in that moment. This is your time to shine. With that said, don’t hit send. Not yet.

Instead, I recommend using an email client that let’s you schedule messages in advance, or downloading a tool such as SendLater (highly recommend for Mac Mail users, this is what I use). Schedule your emails for a few hours later. Give the the other party time to digest their meeting with you, let them carry on with their day, and then send a follow up thank you later in the day to remind them just how special, amazing, and unique you are (and also keeping yourself relevant for that entire day for them).

Perhaps the biggest reason for why these kinds of messages work – nobody does it, which is a shame, because everyone needs to. Our time is limited, so appreciate when others give you theirs. With that said, it is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a potential client, a potential employee, had a job interview, or whatever the meeting was about, you will differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.

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