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A Look At Green Startups In 2021


Isadora Teich wrote this article


Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It’s the mode of operations that countless new startups are embracing. True innovation rarely comes from a place of solely wanting to grow a business, expand a brand, and get richer.

More often, it comes from a place of wanting to solve a problem in an innovative way. Most of the world’s hottest startups turned global corporations all started with a simple question: how can we make something better?

Uber soared to incredible heights tackling the inaccessibility of American cities, which are designed for cars rather than people. Airbnb has become a global phenomenon, a noun, and a verb by making travel accommodations more personal and accessible. Now startups are working to tackle bigger problems.

These include climate change, wide scale pollution, and the global industries which function by destroying both our environment and human health.

Here are some exciting green startups working to make a more sustainable society a reality in 2021.

The Startup Incentivizing Recycling

Getting paid for your recycling is not a new concept. You have likely seen various bottles marked with the few cents they are worth when recycled. This is why you may have seen people collecting bottles on the streets. However, data reveals that this alone is not really making people recycle.

EPA data reveals that the average American is not doing a fantastic job when it comes to recycling. In 2018, the recycling rate was only about 32%. And, if trends continue, people will be recycling even less when new data is collected.

In 2015, the US recycling rate was almost 35%. Globally, failing to recycle and also improper recycling are issues with big environmental impacts.This is why a popular app that pays people for their recycling could be a big deal. There is a lot of room for improvement.

TeknTrash is a startup created to allow people to easily report their recycling to get rewards via their platform, Stipra. You upload videos of what you are recycling to the platform in exchange for points which you can use to earn gifts and other promotions. They want to find a way to make these points also redeemable for actual money. So, if you weren’t already recycling, you now have even more reason to. And, for many people, they will be able to get paid for doing their normal daily tasks.

TeknTrash also collects information on how products are being recycled to help companies create better consumer waste practices. They both gather important data for companies to help them cultivate greener practices and inspire individuals to recycle properly.

Sustainable Ridesharing

Canada-based sustainable startup Facedrive is working to become the greener competitor to apps like Lyft and Uber.

Their ridesharing service offers green and hybrid options. This is coupled with a tree planting initiative to offset the carbon footprint of your rides. Users can actually track this in the app itself.

They are one of the first companies of this type to offer certain services via app with sustainability in mind. Through their app “Steer,” users can access a subscription service that allows them to borrow electric vehicles where and when they need them. Users can rent a range of different models, even including Teslas.

Often, ethical companies are selective in the ways they choose to be ethical.

After all, even if a company has a low carbon footprint, is it truly ethical if it abuses workers? Facedrive takes this into account. They are trying to set a positive example by improving conditions for workers in the gig economy.

Since it is smaller scale, drivers are offered higher wages and more job security. Facedrive currently operates in numerous cities throughout Canada and America and is looking to expand into Europe.

Food Gone Good

If you are interested in a more in depth look at the exciting innovations in the emerging AgTech industry around the world, check out our blog post!

Essentially, there are a lot of problems currently with the way we produce, distribute, and consume food, and all sorts of entrepreneurs, scientists, and innovators are tackling these problems in unique ways.

Startup Apeel Sciences is going to the lab to try and tackle food waste.

According to the USDA, in the US between 30 and 40% of all food produced is wasted. In the year 2010 alone, this was over 100 billion pounds of food waste. Apeel Sciences thinks that one way to tackle excessive food waste is to genetically engineer fruits and vegetables to last longer.

Apeel Sciences accomplishes this by using the microscopic materials inside the seeds and peels of the fruit and vegetables. They add  a subtle layer of tasteless protection to the fruits, made exactly from these extracted materials. This traps moisture, keeps oxygen out, and helps produce last twice as long as normal produce.

More Beauty, Less Plastic

Wonderfil is a California-based sustainable startup looking to reduce the plastic waste created by the beauty industry. They want to change the way that brands sell beauty and personal care products.

Rather than selling billions of single use plastic bottles, they want to create a new standard, where beauty brands operate as bulk dispensaries that people go to for refills.

Wonderfil also wants to provide people with education on plastic pollution and more sustainable options. This summer, they will begin trials of their new green business model at the University of California.

Final Thoughts

There are a fascinating range of startups looking to address all kinds of societal issues with innovative tech and new ideas. This can be seen in almost every industry globally, Whether we are talking about how we eat, what we buy, where we go, or how we get there, all of it is in the midst of significant change.

We are in the midst of a sustainable revolution in the world of business, tech, and apps. People not only want convenience, but to live in a way that is better for everyone on earth. It is truly inspiring to see how different innovators are working to meet these needs and create a better future.

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