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7 Tips To Providing Top Notch Social Media Customer Service

Customer Service & Sales

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


You are reading a guest blog post by Sophorn Chhay.

In the age of the all too popular screen shot, it is imperative that businesses of any size provide exceptional social media customer service. It is no longer enough for companies to provide great social media posts. Instead, companies need to take their customer interactions one step further by offering customer services and support that includes being responsive to the questions, comments, concerns, and needs of their consumers.

Improving Social Media Customer Service In 7 Easy Steps
Researchers have shown that 91 percent of mobile Internet access is used for social media activities, and with each passing day, customers are spending more time interacting with businesses and brands on social media.

1. Choose the customer service platform that is right for you and your customers.
Factors to consider include the size of your company, the communication modules that your customers’ prefer, and the degree of data exchange. Make sure that your chosen platform has a robust professional team who can help to create a seamless transition so that your followers do not see an interruption in service or response time.

2. Gather, analyze, and use social media insights to provide improved service channels.
Whether it is through likes, comments, shares, SMS messages, or other quantitative responses to social media posts, social media provides a wealth of information on customer wants and needs. By collecting, analyzing, and using this information, you can more easily adjust to the ever-changing needs of your customers both on social media and beyond.

3. Discover new opportunities to connect with your customers.
Each of the social media platforms offers unique and growing, opportunities for businesses to engage with customers. By looking for new ways to engage with customers you can discover opportunities to entice, access, and communicate with customers. For example, a restaurant might create a one-night special offer for a certain entree. In response, customers might post a picture of their entree to Instagram. Responding with a photo of the next up-and-coming offer or a good drink to go with that entree will show a deeper level of customer appreciation and care.

4. Get rid of the stereotypical customer service script.
Customer services can and should always be personable. Social media provides businesses and brands with the unique opportunity to engage with their customers on a more intimate level. Through these direct interactions, customers are more willing to speak their minds, provide valuable feedback, and help a business grow. However, if customers feel like they are just “another cog in the corporate wheel,” they will push back and move onto another company that is more in-tuned with providing individual care.

5. Give your customer service representatives a chance to provide a real resolution.
A prime example of great customer service on social media is Sprint. As a self-dubbed, #SocialFirst company, Sprint works diligently to retain customers who have had a negative experience. By adopting this #SocialFirst mentality, you can help to break down the rigid communication methods and former boundaries that exist in traditional customer service models.

6. Actively listen to your customers.
Social media customer service will require you to actively listen to your customers. For example, if an angry customer chooses to send a private message, then you should tactfully and quickly respond to their message. Failing to properly handle the latter situation could result in the customer posting something negative to the public company page, which could then lead to a larger issue and more dissatisfied customers. Finally, through acknowledgment and positive changes, you need to show customers that you are listening to their needs.

7. Provide adequate training for your customer support team.
If your team members aren’t up-to-date on the latest services or products that your company offers, then they won’t be able to adequately interact with customers. In addition to product and service training, you need to provide your team with access to social media training. As social media platforms evolve, so too will the customer. Make sure that your team members are able to adjust to the new developments on each platform, while simultaneously recognizing and responding to the needs of each customer.

The Bottom Line: Improve Social Media Customer Service Interactions Before It’s Too Late
Before you even contemplate creating a social media account for your brand or business, you need to consider how you will handle your customer interactions. If, however, you have already created a social media presence and are struggling to maintain positive customer interactions, then the above seven tips will help you to chart a new course towards satisfied customers.

About the writer of this guest blog post: Sophorn is the marketing guy at Trumpia, a mobile content delivery service that allows users to customize their one-to-one marketing efforts by interconnecting and optimizing all digital platforms.

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