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7 Tips for Being a Success Story in 2017

Leadership & Inspiration

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


Somehow, some way, 2017 is about to be officially upon us. 2016 flew by faster than any year before us (or at least, it feels that way, doesn’t it?).

Nonetheless, 2017 is going to be your year. You’ve spent 2016 becoming a student of entrepreneurship, learning how to not only become a better leader, a better creative, a better manager, a better role model, but also, an overall better person. You’re going to crush 2017. You’re going to make it your most profitable year yet. You’re going to reach all of your goals, personally and professionally. You’re going to make your dreams happen.

With the new year upon us, we felt it was necessary to revisit some of our favorite articles over the past year that will help guide you on how to execute, how to think, how to manage and how to operate going into the new year. By utilizing the seven tips below, you will without a doubt, make 2017 the best year of your life.

1) Monitor your spending habits

Don’t make the same financial mistakes that most young startups make.

This isn’t to say you should be afraid to invest, contrary, you should be afraid to only invest in the wrong things, which yes, can very likely mean investing in the right things but at the wrong time.

Take time to truly calculate every dollar you spend, and be wise about always ensuring you have the right funds in place to continue growing. If you do that, you’ll always be in good shape.

2) Pay attention to your health

The biggest thing that we all know is when you feel best about yourself, and most energetic, it will show. It will show in your work. It will show with those you work with. It will show with your clients.

You will feel more confident.

You will have more energy.

You will get more work done.

Why in the world would you want to not enjoy these perks? As an entrepreneur, it is as if you are leveling up without having to do anything out of the ordinary. It takes time. You need to be consistent. However, you stay on the wagon, you keep focusing on your health, you will always, always, always outperform anyone who doesn’t.

3) Always put the customer first

Almost every day, like clockwork, I hear the same thing.

Sometimes it is on social media. Other times, it is somebody sending us an email.

It’s about how lucky we are at Chop Dawg, about how we are growing so quickly, how we have an incredible following on social media, about how we have such amazing clients under our portfolio.

Then comes the kicker.

We are then asked, how they accomplish the same thing, for their own companies?

Here is the easiest answer in the whole world, which should be common sense.

Care about your customers.

It sounds crazy but hey, it might actually work.

What happens when you care about your customers? You pour your heart and soul into them.

4) Lead by example in the new year

Too many individuals reading this blog post are “bosses”, not leaders.

There is a major difference between the two.

For the boss, they tell you what you need to do.

For the leaders, they work with you and show you what you need to do.

Bosses tell.

Leaders inspire.

When you think of the best bosses in your life, what you’re really thinking about is the best leaders.

For entrepreneurs who plan to be the CEOs, COOs, Presidents of their companies, they need to start understanding day-one, that you are going to need to be a leader, not a boss, if you want to success.

You need to always lead by example. It’s the best way to establish yourself as a leader early.

5) Make sure you are prioritizing on the right things

You’re an entrepreneur.

You already know that throughout your journey, it won’t be easy.

The same can and should be said of your day-to-day operations as an entrepreneur too. After all, throughout your entire journey, you’re tasked with the most important thing: keeping your business alive, kicking and profitable.

Of course, as with all operations, comes the fire.

I’m not talking about fire as in the adjective of being awesome. Oh no, I’m talking about the daily fires that you’re going to be responsible for putting out.

An urgent matter dealing with an unsatisfied customer.

Two of your employees not getting along.

Last minute paperwork due to your local government.

An audit from your insurance company to review for your premium the next business year.

A new opportunity falls onto your lap while trying to balance an existing opportunity.

Just a few, real examples.

6) Take a vacation and spend time for yourself

You need some time away to better understand yourself.

You need some time away to better understand your daily habits, your daily routines, what you’re doing right, what you’re doing right.

You need some time away to understand how your ship can run in your absence, where your daily stresses are coming from, where you can improve.

You need some time away to motivate yourself, put things back into perspective and look at everything from an outside lens.

You need some time away to remind yourself, why you are doing the things you do.




To travel?

To have the life of your dreams?

7) Always have gratitude and be thankful for everything that you do

To me, gratitude is the most powerful piece of fuel that gives our motivations, our belief systems, our day-to-day hustle, meaning, and power.

I challenge all of you who are reading this, no matter if you’re a serial entrepreneur, a successful executive of a major company or even just an aspiring entrepreneur, to take some time, perhaps on your next flight, next car ride, late at night when you’re getting ready for bed, to truly think about what gratitude means to you, what you’re truly thankful for deep down and how you can use to your advantage.

Gratitude gives us that competitive edge, that extra drive, that awareness to stay grounded even while you’re chasing the stars. It’s such an incredible feeling that most overlook but need to be self-aware about if you’re going to succeed, especially in the incredibly competitive business world that we all shoot to thrive in.

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