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6 SaaS Resources Every Bootstrapped Startup Should Know About

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Tammy Slaughter wrote this article


As startups continue to dominate the news cycle and profitability in the sector grows, so does the ecosystem of products and companies surrounding and serving these entrepreneurs.

It’s important to know what’s out there for startups looking to make a name for themselves, or make a buck.

We put together this list of resources designed to help bootstrapped startups get started and accelerate their growth.


Not every founder knows this, but there are actually tax credits to be gained from the IRS as a startup.

MainStreet helps software, hardware, and venture-backed startups claim tax credits most accountants never claim.”

Of course, if you’re savvy when it comes to navigating the various in’s and out’s of startup tax code, you may be able to pull this off yourself.

But what makes MainStreet unique is their ability to connect to your Payroll to get your tax credits to you in cash. “No more waiting for Tax Day,” their website states.

Each month, they review your business profits and new applicable tax codes to see the payout your business qualifies for.

Getting this money back each month can be beneficial to aiding in growth and affording the many business expenses that arise when getting a startup off the ground.


While not every startup’s end goal is to get acquired, sometimes that is the ultimate game plan.

Microacquire makes it easy to buy and sell startups.

Startups looking to sell can instantaneously list their startup for free. The platform itself connects buyers and sellers, designed to start meaningful conversations with key metrics on display, so both parties can make an informed decision quickly.

You can also hire an advisor via the platform to help oversee your startup’s acquisition as well.

This founder-friendly solution is a powerful tool for startups who want to get in front of an engaged audience quickly to get acquired for their maximum asking price.


As anyone who’s ever tried to pitch a news outlet will tell you, getting your story picked up on the newswire can be tricky.

The same goes for a newly launched business or digital product looking to get the word out.

Bootstrappers news stories cater specifically to bootstrapped startups and companies.

You won’t find as many sensationalized “raised millions for x” stories here.

Instead, tales of fortuitous life-changing everyday encounters for founders and bootstrapped entrepreneurial journeys abound.

You can even submit your own story about your bootstrapped company to get featured.

For startups looking to generate online buzz and get the word out about their product/ service, this online publication can be invaluable, especially when coverage is shared with one’s network, potential investors and customers.

Gust Launch

This online platform helps startups effortlessly incorporate. This is an essential step in the founder’s journey, not to mention a prerequisite for app launch.

Gust Launch provides access to legal documents designed by startup-focused lawyers. Using the online platform, startups can incorporate in as little as two minutes.

Beyond getting started, the company also supports startups as they seek to accelerate their growth, providing legal agreements, documents relating to fundraising, hiring, accounting and access to lawyers along the way.

Startups can select the support plan that works best for them fiscally and functionally, with packages starting at $300 per year — should you decide to utilize their services beyond incorporation.


While CrunchBase offers a myriad of services supporting early and growth-stage startups, at a minimum the site offers a platform to list your startup as a registered business entity.

For potential investors or even business associates looking to vet your venture, this can go a long way towards legitimizing the business’ online presence.

Plus, some tech conventions require a CrunchBase profile to enter competitions as a means of gauging overall company stage and financial status.

Be sure to start a profile for your startup here ASAP.


This decentralized tech job platform is pretty neat, as it is controlled mainly by the tech talent themselves.

“At Braintrust, our decentralized talent network is built on the belief that everyone should be treated fairly. Fees should be transparent. Incentives should be aligned. And the huge percentages taken by middlemen should be a thing of the past. This new model is uniquely enabled by a blockchain technology and the BTRST token.”

Targeting freelancers and the companies who hire them, Braintrust eliminated talent fees and membership costs, also allowing companies to post jobs for free.

While traditional job agencies mark up talent, Braintrust charges a flat 10%, allowing the hiring budget to go further.

The platform goes further than just granting access to a pool of candidates by also providing expert matchmaking services.

Many startups turn to freelance tech talent to staff their team, and this online resource is a great way to attract top freelance tech talent in a way that works best for them.

Accessible Online Resources to Fuel Your Startup

 “You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you.”

Be open to exploring what’s out there for your startup as you bootstrap!

Beyond SaaS products and services designed to help you grow your business, there are also non-profit business associations, startup-focused events and government programs out there to consider.

Competition is high, but so is the number of resources available to startups out there looking to leave their mark.

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