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6 Quotes from Successful Tech Founders for Entrepreneurs

Leadership & Inspiration

Kate Tenen wrote this article


Creating something brand new from nothing is one of the hardest tasks an individual can seek to accomplish during their lifetime.

Taking every ounce of passion and energy that you have, and putting it towards this one thing that you, and likely countless others, have invested so many emotions, money, and time into takes incredible drive.

But the possible outcome of having a successful product or company that is purely driven by passion is one that is too good to pass up.

This post should serve as a reminder to all aspiring tech entrepreneurs: That the climb to the top is just as important as the vista ahead.

Let Your Passions Guide Your Focus

“Love what you do and do what you love. Doing something new and different requires a level of drive and passion that is really hard to fake. When your heart is behind what you are doing, so much is possible.”


– Tracey Sun, Co-Founder of Poshmark

Tracy Sun is the co-founder of the global social commerce marketplace, Poshmark, where users can sell both new and used clothing. Poshmark hit the elusive unicorn status in 2019 with a reported $1.25 billion valuation and 50 million registered users among its growing selling-buying user base.

Any entrepreneur who aims to create something completely new on the tech market’s main driving point should be that they simply love what they’re working on.

They’re looking to create a new solution to a common (or new) problem in our world that they truly care about, and the only way to truly reach their end goal is by putting all their passion wholeheartedly into it.

If you believe in your product or service long and hard enough (and do the work), it can become something seriously special.

If you aren’t passionate about what you’re working on, the journey to the finish line is undoubtedly going to feel more difficult than what could and should be an enjoyable ride — driven by the love of what you’re seeking to accomplish.

Opportunities Won’t Always Arrive According to Your Time Table

“Life doesn’t always present you with the perfect opportunity at the perfect time. Opportunities come when you least expect them.”


– Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube

When traversing unknown territory, every fledgling enterprise can stumble across a roadblock (or two…or three…).

It may seem like nothing is going your way, but YouTube CEO, Susan Wojicki, is here to tell you that your predicament isn’t a means to an end!

Entrepreneurs are human just like everyone else, and sometimes, things happen that can interrupt the trajectory of your venture.

Maybe your first big pitch doesn’t pan out how you anticipated, or you don’t get the endorsement you were hoping for. That doesn’t mean that your dream isn’t meant to be.

Stay focused. Stay hungry.

As Chop Dawg’s CEO and founder, Joshua Davidson, once said, “[Roadblocks] should be a sign that you need to take things slowly, regroup, and kick ass once again.”

With continued hard work, persistence, and patience — your time will come. And if you feel like you’re not in the right place to take advantage of that incredible opportunity that may have just dropped in your lap, don’t delay!

Truth is, none of us are ever ready when we decide to take the leap.

Digital Transformation During Covid is a Necessity

“I’ve been on more sales calls with more CEOs in the last two months than at any time in my career, and there’s universal agreement among them: Digital transformation, while this isn’t a one app [solution], it’s a must-have.”


– Mark Benioff, CEO of Salesforce

In our current day and age, we are more dependent now on technology than we’ve ever been before. It’s likely the impetus of Covid19 will exponentially speed up technological advancements already brewing over the past two decades.

Some of us grew up using the bulky USB-connected webcams in our bedrooms on Chatroulette or Oovoo with friends. The generation before that grew up with dial-up internet connections, or no home internet at all.

It’s wild to reflect on that when now, we have the ability to do all of these things (and more) from our mobile devices.

Everything at this point has become digital: filing systems, food ordering, photos, news, retail shopping, education…the list goes on.

Benioff provides a crucial reminder that as our society matures more with each passing day, it’s our responsibility as tech founders to continue the further digitization of our world for the greater good.

While Covid19 is still out there, we will only need to focus and rely more on technology.

It is our job, as app developers, to continue creating solutions for a world with ever-evolving needs.

Invest in Your Team Alongside Your Business

“You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.”


– Zig Ziglar

Some advice for you to remember:

Great people spend time investing in their own development.

But a great company will also invest in developing their workforce.

The tech industry is built on lifting one another up, and helping each other become the absolute best versions of ourselves. It’s one of the main reasons why tech startups have become such a booming industry in the past 10 year, and influencers abound.

Technology itself it the direct result of creators and builders trying to make the world better, faster, smarter, safer.

Apps have been created to help keep track of your appointments, send you reminders for important events, manage your diet, It’s all about good people helping good people better themselves even more.

As a business owner, you must be able to see yourself as a motivator for your team.

Never forget that ‘leader’ is not synonymous with the word ‘boss’.

Your team will thrive off of your praise. You are their leader.

They look up to you and, in many ways, it is your responsibility to give them the tools and help them develop into the best version of themselves.

Be Transparent With Your Team When it Comes to Growing Pains

“Transparency within your organization is the difference between having a business that’s simply running, and having one that’s moving in one direction.”


– Michael Riedijk, CEO of PageFreezer

This is incredibly important to any new entrepreneur, but especially to us over at Chop Dawg after twelve years in the game.

There is simply no way to move onwards and upwards as a company without everyone being on the same page.

Your marketing team, builders, creators and administrators must know what is going on behind closed doors, so everyone is aware of the importance of the work needed to push past whatever obstacle has arisen.

A problem that comes up isn’t just going to go away by simply ignoring it. Solutions require action.

Being transparent about the trials and tribulations you’re going through as a company together will only ignite a flame of passion for your team, open the floor for dialogue, and will help your organization move in a positive direction. Click To Tweet

Get Used to Being Uncomfortable

“Growth and comfort do not coexist.”


– Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM

Here’s a true bottom line for every impresario out there needs to come to terms with: Your long-term personal and financial growth absolutely depends on embracing discomfort.

Nobody said building something from the ground up would be easy, and honestly, staying in a place of comfort can be destructive to entrepreneurial endeavors. Total comfort can lead to boredom, stagnation, and overall team discontent.

Comfort should be simply a place for you to retreat, take a breath, and prepare yourself to push again. Discomfort can make you hungry.

We are biologically wired to stay within comfort zone to avoid any unnecessary pain that comes from stretching beyond ourselves.

However, to continue to grow in your capacity to do great work, you need to regularly challenge that biological instinct by jumping over hurdles forcing you to grow.

The good new is: You are not alone.

Each of these statements came from individuals who were once standing in your shoes, possibly feeling and wondering the exact same things you are.

Now, it’s your turn.

About Since 2009, we have helped create 350+ next-generation apps for startups, Fortune 500s, growing businesses, and non-profits from around the globe. Think Partner, Not Agency.


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