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4 Business Trends You Need to Know to Achieve Success in 2017

Advertising & Marketing

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


You are reading a guest blog post by Alan Williams.

Across the backdrop of political upheaval, Brexit, cyber altercation, and a soft-pedal economic restoration, the crumbling gears of the market are still moving ahead, and the results of a consumer-led, digital-centric market are becoming crystal clear.

All competitive markets are on the move: banking intuitions trying to initiate before the digital business becomes a formidable competitor; big-branded retailers confronting the digital threats with store closures and amped-up mobile efforts and Omni-channels.

Businesses getting serious about their digital marketing; contact-driven investment firms trying to readjust to the encroachment of technology titans; and utility firms – launching customer involvement initiative to influence expenditure habits and overhaul their operations.

The customer is the primary driver of these business trends. Adventurous, experimentations, and downright fickle behaviors – once

The global arena is fast changing, and business trends will be catering more to this generation for the coming years. There are business trends that companies consider as all-embracing in driving success.

Some of these trends are still in the infantile stages while others are now with the mainstream. Regardless of how big or small a company is, these patterns always emerge.

For audiences who have been craving success and technology, we have outlined for you four business trends that will soar up with momentum come 2017.

The new Rainmakers: Subject Matter Virtuoso

Top performers of B2B companies, concurrently, are driven by experts on subject matters who can figure out and give guidance to sales process drive growth.

Consider three classifications of shopping personas: one who is listing down the order, a salesperson facilitating the sale; and a subject matter expert. The order taker jots down the order and tells the price and if to be delivered, as to when is the schedule.

Of the two remainder personas, which of which would you like to deal with as a customer? Would you like the person in charge to sell to you something, or the person who has the expertise of whom you would want to buy because of their know-how?

Surely, if you present these two options with executives, 99% guaranteed they would select the latter rather than the former because executives will be able to gain insights from the subject matter experts rather than just with the sellers.

Some companies hire sales persons who are fresh graduates from colleges; SME’s are harder to find yet big companies prefer to hire them. Nowadays, organizations offer integrity-based training on sales to establish a culture of sales and empower SMEs to enhance growth and empowerment in the organization.

In the past, businesses used to dislodge bodies at sales quotas, and just accept that most individuals would fail. With subject matter experts, businesses place a premium on correct lead qualification and angle on the appropriate opportunities to make competent use of scarce, yet highly adequate resources. SME’s most of the time do not waste time pursuing opportunities which are not good.


Crowdfunding To Surpass Venture Capital in 2017 Onwards

After the passing of JOBS Act this April, ‘crowdfunding’ became the word of the day. Even if the concept has been arguably here for centuries, it is still recognized formally as an emerging industry to lots of consumers.

Crowdfunding is defined as the process of financing a venture or project by generating small funds from a large crowd of people which is usually done on the internet. The recession has left out small businesses struggling hard to stay afloat. With crowdfunding, the individuals are being offered a chance to recover and become successful again by showcasing their products and services worldwide.

Entrepreneurs can avail of capital from numerous crowdfunding donation platforms which in turn validates the market of their products and assist the entrepreneurs in product development. The main point here is that each product idea has a crowdfunding component to verify product and resources before they are being shifted to meet demands of a market.

Utilizing crowdfunding in the validation of products permits the company to employ and learn from the small community before the process, expediting time to market, and curtail costs and risks of new product innovations.

Full Integration of Sales and Content Marketing

Concurrently, organizations who are top performers continue to incorporate sales and content marketing as buyers and customers keep on doing researchers online. This is to ensure that when customers start searching for implementation strategies, challenges, and risks linked to your solutions, they will be able to find contents to answer their questions.

Many businesses are now shifting to online platforms where they derive an average of 45 percent to 55 percent revenues. A powerful content strategy is paramount for any business enterprise behind a website or updates on social media. Now’s the time to be creative.


Visual (Videos) Importance

Providing video as sources of valuable information to respond to questions, helps the customers to feel like they knew you better than if they had just read an article.Combining technology and deliberate production, visuals can provide great compliance, by creating various snippets of video contents and assemble them into one harmonious video messages to address the specific questions of the user.

The video is overflowing by and large the business landscape with the emergence of auto-play video clips in numerous social media channels. It will be a great accomplishment if you can transform videos espousing your product contents and relevant insights which generate appreciativeness from consumers.

Consumers nowadays are not just looking at visuals because of graphic designs rather they look deeper on what insights they gain from the videos. In 2017, there will be an increase in channels which you can use to your advantage.


The year 2017 will be the year of mobility. The era of mobility began a few years ago, but 2017 will see the dominance of mobile. World wide web is loosening the grip, and mobile applications seem to be proving out to be a common factor for customers as well as businesses.

In 2016, close to 50 percent of businesses was transacted on mobile platforms, and for sure, this number will even get higher in 2017. So when you decide to make or plan your business goals for 2017, place mobility on top of the list. The 2017 business trends plays a big role in bringing success to business entities, and it is highly recommended these parameters be included in your business strategies.

About the writer of this guest blog post: Alan Williams is an impassioned lawyer by profession. He works as one of the most accomplished personal injury lawyers of Hughes and Coleman Personal Injury Law Firm, a company that aides their clients who claims to be injured physically and psychologically, all over the US. Although he is a lawyer by profession, writing and blogging always have a special place in his heart.

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