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Since 2009, we have helped create over 225+ web and mobile apps for startups, Fortune 500s, growing businesses, and non-profits from around the globe.

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Clutch has recognized our team here at Chop Dawg as one of the top web app development agencies and mobile app development agencies in the world.

Finding a reasonably-priced technical team that can do the amazing work that you need can be tough. We offer you our team’s expertise to build your vision into a fully actualized product. We create new products, from conceptualizing a prototype to launching a market-ready product, and we can apply our expertise to upgrading existing ones. Chop Dawg is there to work with you every step of the way and make you feel as comfortable with the process as possible.

What is Chop Dawg?

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Social Networking

Dissolve is an iPhone application that will provide friend groups the enhanced ability to have carefully thought-out, intellectual conversations about the topics that interest them the most.

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Sprouts is a web, iPhone, and Android application designed to lower the cost of entry for those interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

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SmashBrackets is an iPhone application that creates a more hands-on music discovery experience for music lovers, musicians/artists, and creatives through gamification.

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It’s our team’s responsibility to make sure that you are getting the best technical talent for the best value. We understand the frustration that can come with outsourcing. Think of this as an opportunity to show you what we know through bi-monthly newsletter!