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Free 30 Minute Consultation

You’ll have a dedicated team that’s working 100% on your product

Your Project Manager

They’re responsible for making sure that the production process goes smoothly. Your PM makes sure that everything we say we are going to do gets done.

Your Lead Designer

They’re in charge of the big picture when it comes to the UI/UX of your product. They'll make sure that every single screen and function is well-designed and in the best interest of your users.

Your Lead Developer

Your product will need to run elegantly to get users to stay. That means making sure that the vision becomes a functional application. Your Lead Developer is the chief architect of this process and implementation.

Your Project Runners

Our junior designers and developers are there to build the small but significant details of your application. They work closely with your Lead Developer and Designer.

And a Bonus!

You'll also be in direct 1-on-1 contact and consultation with Chop Dawg's CEO Joshua Davidson during the project duration as well.

Meet The Core Leadership Team

Andy Wong

Creative Developer

Anthony Mango

Creative Developer

Ash Edmonds

Creative Director

Bart Hook

Content Director

Brandon Teller

Vice President

Brian Wrensen

Creative Director

Child Li

Creative Director

Craig Phares

Creative Developer

Daniel DiGangi

Creative Developer

Daniel Hood

Creative Developer

Eddie Contento

Vice President

Emily Carter

Creative Director

Genna Contento

Video Director

George Li

Creative Developer

Hailey Badovinac

Creative Director

Joshua H. Davidson

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Winkles

Chief of Staff

Joshua Wood

Creative Developer

Kelsey Duffy

Creative Developer

Mason Carter

Marketing Director

Melissa Barker

Business Development

Olivia Duffy

Creative Developer

Rich Caputo

Creative Director

Stephanie Tyler

Creative Director

Tammy Slaughter

Video Director

Tyler Stine

Creative Developer

Zach Ferdman

Creative Director

Meet the real “dawgs” in charge


Chief Executive Barker


Head of Walks


Head of Treats

Haley and Roxy

Nap Time Managers


Executive People Greeter


Secretary of Dog Toys

Let us show you what we know when it comes to creating applications

It’s our team’s responsibility to make sure that you are getting the best technical talent for the best value. We understand the frustration that can come with outsourcing. Think of this as an opportunity for us to show what we know with this bi-weekly newsletter!

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