If we move forward in working together you'll feel like you have your own dedicated team. Here are the roles you'll be working with

Your Project Manager. They’re responsible for making sure that the production of your killer app from idea to launch goes smoothly.

Your Lead Designer. They’re in charge of the big picture when it comes to the UX and UI of your app.

Your Lead Developer. Your killer app will need to run properly. It’s their job to make your app into something that customers can use.

Your Project Runner(s). Our junior designers and developers will be on call to squash bugs and build the smaller aspects of your killer app.

And a Bonus! Our CEO is a master at sales and marketing, he’ll be a close part of your team too!

When you work with us, you become an extension of our family. When we sit down for our weekly meetings, we’ll educate each other so that we can make the most informed decisions together. Read further to get to know our leadership team.

Joshua Davidson

Chief Executive Officer

Brandon Teller

Vice President

Eddie Contento

Vice President

Josh Winkles

Chief of Staff

Mason Carter

Marketing Director

Genna Contento

Video Director

Rich Caputo

Creative Director

Zach Ferdman

Creative Director

Joshua Wood

Creative Developer

Dan DiGangi

Co-host of #thePawdcast

Our team by the numbers.

iPhone Android
Coffee Energy Drinks
Summer Winter
Mac Windows
Night Owl Early Riser

Lines of code written by the team in 2017

Quit your day job,
work with us at Chop Dawg

Here at Chop Dawg, we tend to do things a bit differently than your average company. We don’t believe in silly rules such as having to work 9 to 5 every day. We don’t believe in our team having to wear unnecessarily fancy suits to work, or even commuting to work for that matter. However, we do believe in you. You are the very best at what you do — and that’s why we want to hire you. We are a company where you have the opportunity to work at your fullest potential. It’s a place where you can be proud of the work that you do and the lives that you will change.


Positions Available

Position: Android Developer

Location: United States (Remote)

Position: WordPress Developer

Location: United States (Remote)

Position: iOS Developer

Location: United States (Remote)

Position: PHP Developer

Location: United States (Remote)

Position: User Interface Designer

Location: United States (Remote)