What's the secret to tailoring our service
so we can match your exact needs?

Incredible app ideas require resources to get anything beyond the idea stage. That’s why we’ve built a process that can adapt to the needs of any client. Do you want web development, mobile development, software development, wearable development, user interface design, or branding? You’ll want to work with a team that understands the framework for building a successful product.

How we mix user experience, user interface, and branding all into one cohesive process

Branding (or, forging your app’s identity)
We’ve worked with clients that have been all over the branding spectrum. We can help you create a brand from scratch, or we will build your app’s UX / UI around your brand’s current identity.

User experience design
We’ll¬†design your app so that users enjoy using it. We’ll create a user flow that feels natural, coherent, and encourages the user to take action.

User interface design
We’re taking your company’s identity and putting it onto an app. It’s all about giving the user a great first impression that will make them always want to use your app.

Development (and extensive testing)
he specialists that work on the development of your app will be custom to the architecture required to build your app. Our agile-based development runs for your convenience, so you can regularly assess what we are building.

Our team also cares about making sure your app has a strong launch

We’ll build your app around your goals. During the last eight years that we’ve been in business, we’ve been keeping close tabs on our customer success. Armed with the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, we’ll always be able to drive the decisions leading up to the launch of your app based on past evidence. But most of all, we feel that most agencies have lost their sense of creativity. And this also why we only hire creative and scientific people.

Our skillsets match with your need
for us to create a successful app.

iOS Development

Android Development

Web App Development

Website Design & Development

User Interface Design

Branding & Logo Design

Are you looking to build a full stack team that has the talent and vision of a CTO?

Anyone can find a great designer or programmer. It’s not hard to find someone, but will they be willing to match your enthusiasm and drive? It is much harder to find a team with great chemistry that has the shared talent to back it up. So let us know when you’re ready to talk about hiring Chop Dawg to build your new app.