Episode 036 — Erik X Raj Explains Why Most Entrepreneurs Are Bad Communicators

Posted by Joshua Davidson

January 25, 2017 at 10:33 am

It’s remarkable to think how underrated communication is when it comes to leadership, management, and of course, entrepreneurship. Most aren’t taking the time to appreciate this skill, or more importantly, learn to better apply this incredible asset to their daily lives.

Without being able to communicate properly, express feelings, and share ideas, no matter how talented your team is, no matter how driven you are, you’re setting yourself up to fail. That is why this week’s episode of #thePawdcast is so exciting for us to bring to you, #PawdcastNation.

This week we’re bringing you one of the top speech pathologists in the world. Erik X. Raj joins us to discuss how you can become a better communicator through the use of the written word, your vocals, and body language!

Erik is a fully certified speech-language pathologist (Ph.D., CCC-SLP) that works with school-aged children with verbal language and articulation deficiencies. Erik is also a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and app developer. We’ll dive deep into Erik’s upbringing, what put him on his path to becoming a speech pathologist, learning and pursuing app development, and becoming a better communicator. This episode will provide you the perfect blend of actionable steps, insights, and motivation to succeed.

With that said and without further ado, enjoy Episode 036 of #thePawdcast with the renowned, Jersey-native, Erik X. Raj!

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