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Episode 033 — How Lisa Wang Is Helping 15,000 Women Break Into A Tech Scene Dominated By Men

Leadership & Inspiration

Joshua Davidson released this podcast


Thirty-three episodes later, and we’re finally calling 2016 a wrap. We end this year with a bang, as we are joined by the talented, motivating and inspiring serial-entrepreneur, Lisa Wang.

Not only is Lisa a 3x National Champion and U.S. Hall of Fame Gymnast, but she is the founder of SheWorx, a global collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs that are redefining leadership.

We cover how Lisa became who she is today. What motivated her to not only become a gymnast, becoming a hall-of-famer, barely missing the Bejing Olympics and how she overcame it. We cover her adventures at Yale, joining a hedge fund and leaving for a career in food tech, to eventually SheWorx.

In just a short period of time, SheWorx has reached over 16,000 women across the globe. We chat about its origins, and Lisa’s experiences being both a woman and a minority in her entrepreneurial endeavors.

You’re going to feel inspired, hungry to do more, and most importantly, motivated to make a difference, both in your life and socially after listening to this episode. Lisa is one of our favorite guests to date and no one we would rather have to close out our podcast year strong!

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