Episode 032 — How Geoff Desreumaux Runs The Most Popular Social Media Blog In Europe

Posted by Joshua Davidson

November 14, 2016 at 12:29 pm

It’s not every day that you can say you have the king of all things social media on #thePawdcast, but today isn’t your ordinary day.

We’re joined this week by the one, the only, the talented Geoff Desreumaux straight from London to discuss all things social media, social networking, trends in the industry, and of course, WeRSM (We Are Social Media).

We cover Geoff’s origins, how he began WeRSM, how social media has grown from just a way to connect with friends to literally one of the biggest tools for change, what we should expect in the future. We even discuss how it has influenced recent events such as Brexit and the United States Presidential Election.

This episode isn’t your average episode of #thePawdcast. Though we do spend a lot of time talking about Geoff and his story, we spend just as much talking about the state of social media and how to execute in the modern social environment. You’re going to love this change of pace, #PawdcastNation, just as much as we loved recording it.

So, let’s hit it.

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