Episode 030 — How Tucker Max Is Changing The Way Entrepreneurs Write Their Books

Posted by Joshua Davidson

November 4, 2016 at 7:14 pm

You’re in for a treat this week, #PawdcastNation!

We’re joined by best-selling author, father, and entrepreneur, Tucker Max of I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell and Book in a Box!

We begin this podcast by diving deep into Tucker’s past. We ask about his upbringing. We talk about the experiences that lead him to write. We discuss how his career accidentally started thanks to email forwarding, how he was turned down by every major publisher in the beginning, how he utilized the infancy of the internet in order to create one of the first internet-based “followings” that lead to his book becoming an eventual New York Times Best Seller. He talks about what it’s like having a movie based on his life, and perhaps most importantly of all, how that movie ended up failing.

On the other side of the spectrum, we discuss Tucker’s latest venture, Book in a Box. We chat about what Book in a Box is, how the idea came to be, what his goals are, how the operations of Book in a Box work, and yes, even how Tucker fired himself as CEO and why he made that decision to do so.

Tucker has one of the most fun personalities we have had on the show yet, and a great story with a ton of awesome content to boot. You’re going to love this episode of #thePawdcast, we just know it.

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