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Episode 015 — How Kevin Kruse Was Able To Get Mark Cuban’s Attention

Leadership & Inspiration

Joshua Davidson released this podcast


It’s not every day that we have a serial entrepreneur on the show. It’s also not every day that we have an NY Times best-selling author on the show. It’s especially not every day that you have both of these things all wrapped up into one individual, but, today isn’t like most days.

We’re indeed joined this week on #thePawdcast by the absolutely incredible, motivating and hard-working Kevin Kruse. We discuss all things about Kevin’s story of becoming an entrepreneur (hint, it deals with a one-armed man looking for money), Kevin’s journey to become a millionaire, how Kevin changes his passion for making money, into a purpose of giving value to others, the five companies that Kevin created, the few that he ended up selling, his path to becoming an author, how to become more productive, and yes, his famous story about talking to Mark Cuban. This episode is jammed-pack with value, great tidbits and awesome story-telling that surely anyone in #Pawdcast nation is going to love. Let’s hit it.

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