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Episode 012 — Peter Reinhardt On Going From Zero To A $27M Series B

Operations & Management

Joshua Davidson released this podcast


You’re going to love this episode of #thePawdcast, #Pawdcast nation. We’re joined this week by one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley; Segment, with their CEO and co-founder, Peter Reinhardt.

Peter discusses with us his personal story on starting Segment, the year and a half of failure that his founding team and him faced during the early growing stages of Segment, what it was like going through Y-Combinator and working alongside Paul Graham, how Peter has managed to be the CEO of a company that has grown to over eighty employees in such a short period of time, where Segment is going, and much, much, much more. Hands-down, for any entrepreneur, enterprise, or operational nerds that listen to #thePawdcast, you’re going to find this episode full of practicality, advice, ideas, motivation and knowledge that you can apply to your own day-to-day operations.

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