Stories on how we build up ourselves and others

How do you know what people care about?

Whenever you're selling something, whether it's downloads, subscriptions, or products, you have to identify what people want. Ok, easier said than done.


The Key To Learning Is To Have An Active Mindset...

When you want to learn something new, you want to ask yourself some fundamental questions. Let's start with this one: why do you want to learn?

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Learn to trust the process in order to grow your...

Business is tough. It requires us to always put ourselves as leaders, executives, managers, and entrepreneurs into positions of fear, uncertainty and unknown.


This is a mistake that I made in 2005 that most new...

Just rip off the band-aid day one. Learn what users think. See if people are willing to spend money.


How to double your company’s growth every single...

It takes purpose. It takes the drive. It takes every ounce of energy, soul, and belief that you have in you.


Making a success story isn’t as easy as most...

Most do not realize the amount of work, dedication, and purpose that goes into something to be recognized by the outside world as a success.


How I lost over 50 pounds while running my company...

I have a better attitude now. I have more energy. I'm more productive. Above all, I have a better outlook on the road ahead.


The easiest way to convert more users onto your app?...

This concept of simplifying is what separates the successful apps from the failures.

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Most companies do not understand customer service;...

Customer service isn't just providing a service to a customer. It's caring about your customers.

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